Golf in Fife

We specialise in St Andrews and the East Neuk, so we’ve met our fair share of golf enthusiasts. The region is a must visit for anyone who loves the sport - and is home to the oldest course in the world. There’s so much more, however, waiting beyond the town’s best known landmark. So where are the best courses in Fife?

St Andrews

The historic home of golf, every lover of the sport should make the pilgrimage to St Andrews at least once in their life. The Old Course should be first on your list, but there are plenty of other great courses on offer across the town. The New Course is kept to a professional standard, and is often considered to be more challenging than its ancient counterpart.

Outside of St Andrews Links, you’ll also find some smaller (and more affordable) courses dotted on the outskirts of the town. The Duke’s was the first heathland style course in the UK and their reasonable rates make this a great spot for some practice. It also comes with gorgeous views of St Andrews and the East Fife coastline.

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One of the newest golf courses in the country, Kingsbarns has been designed with care and respect. New courses don’t always have the best reputation, but Kingsbarns Golf Club is here to challenge that. Built on former golfing land, it carefully blends old and new to create a truly unique experience.

It’s still very much a luxury course, but if you’re looking to ease yourself into the challenge of St Andrews courses it’s a great starting point. Kingsbarns is a welcoming destination in its own right. We recommend heading to the Kingsbarns Distillery for a dram or two to unwind after your round of golf.

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Elie truly epitomises everything that makes Fife links courses great. The course is steeped in tradition, with a good variety of par 4s and par 5s. If you just want to have some fun, Elie is a charming little course that will certainly have you visiting again before you leave. You’ll also be rewarded with some of the best views in Fife.

Speaking of great views, the village of Elie is well known across the region as a gorgeous holiday destination. The golf course is an important part of the community - but so is the Blue Flag beach. If you’re visiting with the family, Elie is a great base.

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Crail is home to two beautiful courses, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Balcomie Golf Club is the oldest of the two - and is in fact the 7th oldest golf club in the world! Designed by Old Tom Morris, it makes great use of the natural scenery. Hell’s Hole, the hardest on the course, is a must try for any golf enthusiast.

Craighead Golf Club is a more modern course, and you’ll be fighting against the elements. The location right next to the North Sea makes this a windy affair - and a great spot for more skilled golfers to practice. The village itself is known for its creative spirit and delectable cuisine, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax after visiting the courses.

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Central Fife

We specialise in the East Neuk and St Andrews, but we’d be doing the region a disservice if we didn’t also mention the Central Fife courses. In general, this region has some more affordable options than the East - without compromising on quality. Ladybank Golf Club is right in the heart of Fife, with a flat course that is great for practising your putting. It’s also surrounded by gorgeous wildlife.

Heading down towards the coast, the Levenmouth area is popular with local golf enthusiasts. Leven Links is a challenging course along the coast - and is managed by a former PGA professional! Lundin Links, which is actually right next door, might seem easier on first inspection - but it can get deceptively challenging. These are both more affordable than East Neuk courses, making them the perfect spot to practice before trying out the more famous courses.

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Beyond these five areas, you’ll also find an endless array of smaller courses dotted around Fife. The region has deep connections with the sport, and the terrain is frankly unbeatable. This is how golf was intended to be played, so make sure you come over for a visit at least once. We’re sure you’ll want to come back time and time again.

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